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Feel good in your skin again!

If you’re reading this, you have likely dealt with the struggle of getting dressed for an event, only to put on and take off every article of clothing in your closet.



Nothing fits right, nothing feels comfortable, and you end up dressing to COVER UP parts of your body that make you self-conscious rather than dressing to ACCENTUATE parts of your body.




You deserve to feel confident.

The problem is — where do you start?

After years of watching women struggle with body image, coupled with my own fluctuating weight struggles, I realized that many of us are making the same, common mistakes…



#1 We don’t have a plan!


#2 Our traditional ways of thinking set us up for failure before we even begin!



So what’s the solution?


Having a plan in place keeps us focused on the small, sustainable, habits-based changes that we can make on a daily basis to help move us toward our goals.


Stop restricting yourself and creating a sense of deprivation when it may be more beneficial to you to simply eat your meals more slowly!


Every big change in your life or goal that you have accomplished didn’t come about with one drastic change.


Odds are, you reached that accomplishment through small (but consistent!) actions.


Moving the ball down the field one yard at a time requires patience and a smart plan, but it WILL get you to your goal.


If you’re ready to start working on your goals in a healthy, sustainable way without starving yourself, cutting out the things that make life worth living, or sticking with traditional “diet culture,” click below to access the three-part fundamentals training I utilize with all my clients including a free workout template!

Meet Kirstin Smith

Who am I and what makes me qualified to lead you on this journey? Well, I’m a wife and mother of four young kids who has personally struggled in the same areas that you might find yourself struggling with today.

My husband and I have owned a gym in Houston, Texas for 10 years and, over the course of 4 pregnancies and postpartum phases, I felt an intense pressure to “look the part” of a gym owner. I worked out and ate healthy thinking I would regain a pre-baby body, but I never seemed to get there.

Over time, my husband and I grew apart as he pursued his dreams as an entrepreneur and I found myself at home, surrounded by young kids, and immersed in a world where a solo bathroom trip was a luxury. Like any mom, I loved my children, but I felt a nagging sensation that I was supposed to be doing more.

In 2019, I made a decision: I could either let fate write my story, or I could take a more active role and write my own story, on my own terms.

I got clear on what I wanted. I set goals. I improved my fitness, I improved my nutrition. I invested in my relationships in a way I had not previously. And it paid dividends! I came to the realization that I had not been taking 100% responsibility for my life or the things I wanted or needed.

I am a certified nutritionist with a decade in the fitness space who has personally dealt with infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, being a stay-at-home mom, being a working mom, homeschooling, being a frustrated wife, you name it!

I want my clients to learn from my mistakes and experiences and begin creating a life you love NOW! The first step is to take control of your health, fitness, and how you show up for yourself!

Here’s what just a few of my clients have to say

“I had the pleasure of working with Kirstin Smith while participating in an online nutrition/ fitness program. She helped me to understand the breakdown of my protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake. I never really understood macros and how to portion my food. The daily workouts were perfect for my activity level. She is encouraging, motivating, and supportive. Kirstin helped motivate me and got me back on track with a healthy lifestyle.”

Shannon H.

Victoria Z.

“I hit my goal weight!! I can’t believe it!! I’ve been trying to get down to this weight FOREVER! I have Hashimoto’s so it’s super hard to lose weight. This has been the only thing that has worked for me in years (maybe a decade!). I feel like I can finally start to see the changes and the fruits of my hard work. I ran 5 miles yesterday for the first time in years and am the lightest weight-wise than I’ve been since my wedding!

Overall, I lost 3 inches off my hips, 3 inches off my waist, and 13 pounds, before and after picture.”

“Kirstin is an amazing coach! I had not worked out consistently in so long and she never judged me but pushed me to reach my goals. Kirstin is very knowledgeable in nutrition and how to build muscle, reach fitness goals, and just an amazing person! If you need help with nutrition and fitness don’t hesitate to work with Kirstin! If you do the work and follow her plan you will see results!”

Jamie G.

“Working with Kirstin during one of her inaugural 6 week programs came as such a pivotal and beneficial time for me personally. I was right in the thick of a divorce during a worldwide pandemic…talk about feeling like I had no control over anything. My anxiety with all of the uncontrollables in my life was beginning to manifest into physical symptoms and I felt pretty rudderless. Through Kirstin’s leadership and motivation, both of which are huge bonuses of her fitness program, I quickly learned that the best thing I could do for myself and my children was to take control of my attitude and my physical well-being. The workouts were great and easy to adjust for both in home or in gym use, but the workouts were just one facet for which I was thankful. The Facebook group is so supportive and our leader is very much straight to the point, encouraging no bullshit excuses, because when you strip it all away, any reasons I was giving myself for not taking more initiative both in my personal situation and with my physical well-being were just excuses. It was just what I needed to not only lose pounds and inches, which I was able to do, but to also re-frame my thinking and get back in the driver’s seat. Her daily encouragement and leading by example was just the catalyst I needed at that time and I’m so thankful for the blessing that Kirstin and her program were to me.”

Jena P.

As women, we wear many different hats:


Wife, mother, daughter, employee, business owner, housekeeper, chef, doctor, sleep trainer, potty trainer, Uber driver – you name it, we do it!

We often prioritize our time to show up and care for our family and their needs.


Of course, this is necessary and honorable, but we can make the mistake of forgetting to wear the hat that makes us US.


When we allow too much time to pass without prioritizing our needs, we risk harboring resentment and losing our firm grasp of who we are, eventually only seeing who we are to other people.


You owe it to yourself and those you love to prioritize yourself and your well-being!

Picture yourself a year from now.



Imagine accomplishing your goal, whether it’s a feeling in your clothes or a number on the scale.


Feel the pride and confidence that is built by consistently showing up for yourself and following through on the things you tell yourself you will do.


You feel good in your skin again. You feel energetic again.


Now, picture how that version of you shows up for those around her.


She’s a better wife because she’s got that groove back!


She’s open to the love and support from her husband when it’s offered and not hurt when it isn’t because she takes responsibility for her own happiness and health.


She has the energy to be active with her children.


She is teaching her family the healthy way to fuel their bodies, perhaps breaking generational cycles of weight and diet struggles!


You must be 100% committed to yourself to become the best version of you.


And becoming the best version of you isn’t a selfish pursuit; it is something you owe to yourself and the ones you love.

Tried different diets or exercise fads over the years and nothing seemed to work?


I wish I could make some flashy, sexy promise to “Drop 30 pounds in 30 days” or “30-Day Ab Challenge” to get bikini-ready for your upcoming vacation, but I can’t.


Odds are, you’re not where you are today because of habits that you’ve had in place for the past 30 days.


There are no secrets to weight loss and building a body that you can feel good in.


We know the science and there are no ways to “hack” the human body to achieve your goals at light speed.


What these diets and exercise trends promise is unrealistic and that’s why they haven’t worked for you in the past.


My solution is to Keep.It.Simple.

Traditional diets reinforce our tendency to think in terms of “All or Nothing.” Rarely does this way of thinking get you all…most of the time, you end up with nothing.


You are busy, you are distracted, you are bombarded with an almost infinite number of choices and decisions throughout your day. When we “diet,” we associate healthy choices with a “win” and unhealthy choices with a “failure.”


This way of thinking makes long-term follow through exhausting and unrealistic. When life gets in the way and you make one of those “unhealthy” choices, it’s easy to throw your hands in the air and say, “Well, screw it! Today is a loss.”


I encourage my clients to think on a continuum of least healthy to most healthy options.


Not every day will get knocked out of the park, but the important thing is to realize is that it doesn’t completely throw off your progress when that happens!


Does the idea of tackling your nutrition give you a sense of dread?


Are you paralyzed somewhere between wanting to feel good in a bathing suit and wanting to have that margarita when you go out to dinner?


Are you continuing to push your goals to the back burner because you’re afraid of what you have to give up to reach them?


Here’s the good news: you can have your cake and eat it too. Literally.


Food and drink are amazing and enjoyable!


And they’re often a crucial piece of communion and quality time with those we love.


I never tell my clients to give up the things that bring them joy, whether it’s wine, chocolate, or their favorite enchilada plate.


Having a body that you’re comfortable in and enjoying life are not mutually exclusive.


This is not a zero-sum game!

The secret to indulging in the things that bring us pleasure while still working toward our goals is awareness, moderation, and building a strong foundation for our bodies.



If you have 7 days in a week, and 3 meals each day, you have 21 opportunities to make choices that work toward your goals.



If 17 of those 21 meals were in alignment with your goals this week, then go enjoy date night and know you don’t have to beat yourself up or start all over!

Ok, I know you have questions…and I have answers!

“Ok Kirstin, How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?”


Just about everyone I’ve ever worked with comes to a new fitness program with a lot of questions, so here are some of the most frequently asked ones I get:

“What are the right exercises for my body and my goals?”

This plan will be 100% customized to fit your lifestyle, your goals, and your body. Part of the process of making this work for you is meeting with me personally so I can find out more about where you are physically, nutritionally and mindset-wise — and more importantly — where you want to go.

If you had a tailor-made plan that was laid out just for you, would you feel confident in seeing better results?

“Will this be too complicated for me to actually get results?”

When it comes to getting results, I’ve found that it’s all about making things simple. I’ll lay out a plan based on your fitness experience level and show you the best techniques to use to reach your unique goals.

“Will I have the time to even use this?”

Your custom plan will only be as effective as its execution. This is why I’ll help you find an approach that not only makes sense for you, but it will work with the days and times you can commit to, so you aren’t sacrificing important family time or obligations.

“How will this actually get me the results I want?”

When you know what to do and have a clear focus on what your goal is, the rest of the work is made up of small actions that you take each day.

We’ll start with that those small actions should be for you, then we’ll tie them into reaching the big goals I know you have. Small habit changes built up overtime can have a huge impact on your long-term health!

“Will this include nutrition guidance as well?”

100% of all successful transformations include a change in nutrition. So not only will I lay out your resistance and cardio training in this plan, but I’ll also cover the best approach for you regarding nutrition so you can get the best results possible.